Part 2 The Passing of Khenchen Appey Rinpoche, Cremation Preparation and Words from Disciples (II)


Interview with Appey Rinpoche’s disciples (Doh Reen Goh, Lama Jamyang Lekshed, Lama Guru, Khenpo Lungrig Senge, Christian Bernert, Ngawang Rinchen Gyaltsen, Lama Logyala), expressing their feeling towards Appey Rinpoche.

訪問阿貝寧波車之弟子(Doh Reen Goh、Lama Jamyang Lekshed、Lama Guru、 Khenpo Lungrig Senge、Christian Bernert、Ngawang Rinchen Gyaltsen、Lama Logyala),由他們講述對阿貝寧波車的感覺。