Narration of the Video “Kudung”
Part I

Subtitles (字幕)
“Sacred rites & procession of H.E. Chogye Trichen Rinpoche's Holy Body”
(薩迦茶巴法王秋吉崔欽寧波車的法體 – 神聖儀式與隊列)
“On 22nd of January 2007, the most precious Guru, fully accomplished master of the
Holy teachings of Lord Buddha, His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche passed into
(般涅槃) at his retreat house located in the foothills of the Himalayas.”
“Retreat House at Narayanthan Kathmandu, Nepal(那雅巴帝,加德滿都,尼泊爾).”
Narration (旁白) 
Dearest Guru, most precious of beings, that we have had the greatest fortune to meet in human form. It is with little capacity to speak, that the words to express the effect of your passing from our human realm into Parinirvana, do not easily form in our minds.
At this most precious of times, when you displayed to us your absolute being by remaining flawlessly(無瑕疵,完美) in meditation Samadhi(三昧禪定) for sixteen days after taking your last breath, showing us the amazing stability of your perfect mind; your human body unchanged during that time, shining with the light of your total realisation.
We, who are left behind within this earthly realm, cannot help but raise our eyes to the space of the sky, for that is where we imagine to find one so rare and precious as you within its vast clear openness.
Subtitles (字幕) 
“Procession leaves Narayanthan for Boudhanath”
Narration (旁白)
After you entered the Samadhi of Parinirvana, the habitually misty skies of winter became clear and crisp(清新) cool days flooded with sunlight, rainbows and amazing cloud formations followed: a grand display of your holy subtle(微妙) vajra body, a marvellous vision for all to perceive(覺知). And so, a perfect rain of compassion fell, breaking the drought(乾旱) in the valley, giving life to the earth once again. As you finally left behind your human body, the most precious holy relic(遺體) for us to remember you with, the memory of your amazing qualities alive and flash within our minds.

〔Narration is transcripted by Macgyver Cheng(鄭偉豪), William Ho(何耀華) and Helen Lee(李婉玲)〕