Narration of the Video “Kudung”
Part II
Rinpoche’s holy body was carried to Boudhanath on Friday, 9th February 2007

Subtitles (字幕)
“Boudhanath Stupa Gate”
Narration (旁白) 
By disappearing from our physical reach, you have naturally led us to search for you within the sacred space of all appearance lying before our eyes. To see you within everything and everyone that appears: diffused, absorbed, inseparable from every particle of existence.
Subtitles (字幕) 
(06:30) “A tall circular rainbow appears clearly around the sun as “Kudung” arrives at Boudhanath”
(06:52) “H.E. Chogye Trichen Rinpoche's holy vajra seat, Jamchen Lhakhang Monastery (加德滿都之大慈寺)
(08:36) “Dignitaries offer white silk scarfs to “Kudung” ”


〔Narration is transcripted by Macgyver Cheng(鄭偉豪), William Ho(何耀華) and Helen Lee(李婉玲)〕