Narration of the Video “Kudung”
Part III
The Fire Puja Cremation on 3rd March 2007

Narration (旁白)
For our communal(共有的) connection with you, upheld by the pure commitment of being, causes us to yearn to find that same nature within ourselves; for that is where we may find you, that is where we may remain ever connected with you, inseparable from you, now manifest in absolute truth, heart essence of each one of us: Blessed, Eternal, Guru.
Subtitles (字幕)
(03:12) “Various pujas(薈供) take place in different shrine halls around the Monastery.”
Narration (旁白)
From the vast open sky of your clear mind pour forth the water of blessings, falling like rain through our eyes as tears telling us that you are present. Such drops of love that our blocked human hearts find hard to contain.
Subtitles (字幕)
(04:49) For the first time in 62 years, snow falls miraculously in the city of Kathmandu.”
(05:28) “His Holiness Sakya Trizin(薩迦法王) Rinpoche arrives in Kathmandu to preside
over the sacred rites.”
Narration (旁白)
And we call out in response to your ever-flowing blessings. Thank you, most precious of teachers! Oh, greatest of beings! For even though you have passed from our physical touch, you still show us the greatest compassion in your display; igniting our hearts, making us joyful within our sorrow.
And we supplicate you that you may swiftly return to us in human form so that we may once again behold your actual and marvellous presence in our vision, as a reflection of our pure essence manifests before us. That our hearts may be opened so that we may continually receive your amazing blessings that flow ceaselessly from your absolute, eternal being, awakening our own loving wisdom, as all we perceive in our vision is just the presence of you, our most precious Guru.

〔Narration is transcripted by Macgyver Cheng(鄭偉豪), William Ho(何耀華) and Helen Lee(李婉玲)〕